When it comes to party season, hair and make-up have the potential to transform your outfit from casual to couture. Which is why you should put in the legwork when it comes to the look you’re going for. Make sure you consider the crowd and the occasion too.
If you’re planning to pull out the moves you might want to opt for a updo that will last the distance and won’t get you hot and bothered on the dancefloor. Glammed up dinner with the gang? Bouncy curls could be the way to play it.
Here are our top picks for the season ahead…


A chunky braid that frames your face is going to grab everyone’s attention. There is also something slightly majestical about it, which is why it’s sometimes called a crown braid FYI. Great if you have long or thick hair that has a tendency to frizz. Leave an inch gap between your hairline and the parting and position your plait where you would your headband. An ace updo if you’re trying to disguise greasy roots, you could even pimp up your braid with a blast of color using KMS STYLECOLOR. Pair it with high neck dresses, capes and velvet coats to play on the royal vibe and crack it out for Sunday socials when you don’t want to wash your hair but still want to look like you ‘ve made an effort. Heels, optional.


There’s nothing like a slick, neat bun. It doesn’t matter if it sits on top of your head as a topknot, hovers just below your crown or sits snugly to the nape of your neck, when it’s smooth and shiny it pulls every outfit together and screams special occasion. Especially when paired with a winged eye or a bold lip. The key is to ensure hair is free from flyaways so START your styling prep with a helping of KMS TAMEFRIZZ Style Primer then add a helping of TAMEFRIZZ Smoothing Lotion when you blow-dry to help you STYLE with ease. Use a fine tooth comb to ensure there are no lumps and bumps and then give your twist an extra glisten at the FINISH stages using the TAMEFRIZZ De-frizz Oil. Rock this one with your most knock ‘em dead outfit, whether that’s at a slap-up festive ball where the boss will be present or a date night that requires you to look extra special.


Voluminous 70s disco waves or 80s perm-style ringlets, curls are fun, fabulous and oh so festive. Workable on every length hair, you want them to stay full and perfectly formed so START your hair goals in the shower with KMS ADDVOLUME Shampoo and Conditioner that will help boost your hair from root to tip. STYLE with a helping of ADDVOLUME Styling Foam, a light and airy mousse that will help your hair bend into beautiful shapes.
For 70s waves, rollers will give best results but for tighter spirals, choose a slim tong or wand. The extra heat will help them last when you’re on the dance floor channelling your inner disco Queen. FINISH with HAIRSTAY Firm Finishing Hairspray. It gives fantastic hold so your curls don’t drop but there’s no crunchiness or stickiness left behind. Make this your go-to when you’re out with the girls.


The best thing about celebrations with your family is you don’t have to make an effort but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your hair completely. Ponytails are the perfect compromise.
But why not mix it up and instead of leaving hair hanging, loop hair through the band and leave the ends peeking out. Allow some strands to fall free around the front – the wispiness will add to the all over laid-back style and use your fingertips to tease some KMS HAIRPLAY Hybrid Clay Wax through them to give them some texture.
You could even slot in a hair accessory just above the band to give it some extra jouje and to take it to the next level. Then it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a chunky knit or a sparkly jumpsuit, you’ll look the part whether you’re required in the kitchen to help serve up or head out on a low-key stroll to walk off that three-courser.

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