KMS Hair – Nejilka Arias: Weird is just another word for individual


She's Dominican but born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She was an intern at Marc Jacobs where she got discovered as a model. She is now a style editor at Stylecartel, and a writer and consultant for Conflict of Ego.

KMS Hair – Pavel Zaretskii: I listen to music and my mom. Not trends.


Modelling since 2015 and signed to 3MMODELS London, this Muscovite is a professional musician who plays jazz piano. The lens loves Pavel with his mesmerizing eyes and killer cheekbones, and his passion for fashion permeates his shots. With his mother agency currently working on international placements. Pavel is a perfect fit for high fashion.

KMS Hair – Leonore Masson: I don't compromise in love. Or style.


Striking freckles and red curls are the signature features of this French model and mother of a one-year-old. With over 10 years of modeling experience, she knows everything about the business to successfully lead "FACES" – a Parisian casting office – together with the photographer: Bérengère Friess.

KMS Hair – Alexandre Schuster: I am who I am. That's all I want to be.


No matter what he wears, Alexandre is always the most stylish person in the room. Describing himself as the "official Santa Claus", this Belgian, ltaly-based actor proves that he doesn't just have style but humor, too. The grey hair – a voluminous mane women could envy – and big beard are indeed his most recognizable trademarks. As is his attitude, which is cooler than any iceberg.

KMS Hair – Agostina Martinez: One look doesn't tell you who I am.


Agostina was born 1997 in Santa Fe, Argentina. She started modelling there when she was 17. She's interested in Argentinian culture, music, and art, and loves to buy sustainable vintage men's clothing. She is a famous runway model and had a great runway season in London, Milan, and Paris with highlights that include Balmain and Jil Sander.

KMS Hair – Sebastian Borges Desantis: I am my own label.


This 27-year-old model is an herbat, animal, and nature lover from Mexico. He's very esoteric and often mixes fashion with nature imagery. Jose's style can best be described as a mixture of preppy and casual, soft and wild, making him a highly versatile model.

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