We’re inspired by the eclecticism in Amsterdam, Melbourne, San Francisco, and Toronto. Each city boasts a mix of ethnicities, lifestyles, and creativity.

How does Style Matter here?
It’s unique and authentic. It’s not only trend-setting, it’s also celebrated, with a touch of new, a nod to the past, and always evolving. 

KMS provides you with new looks inspired by each city with how-tos and product suggestions. What city inspires you? 

From Queen West with its multitude of bars, restaurants and shops to multicultural Kensington – Toronto is an epicenter of diversity and open-mindedness.

It’s a vibrant city, brimming with creativity and an urban artistry that's unique to Canada. On cold cloudy days, the colors of the street art that’s being found all over Toronto and especially in famous Graffiti Alley, stand out even more.

With a multi-cultural population living in diverse areas, from skyscrapers to row homes, the city evokes raw sophistication – just like KMS.

Amsterdam is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Europe. It's a melting pot of cultures and lifestyles, and is consistently ranked as one of the most artsy cities. It's this diversity and unique street style that drew us to Amsterdam. More than that, it's the open-mindedness and inclusivity that makes Amsterdam unique, and makes it one of our favorite places to visit.
Amsterdam has this feeling of history, with a little twist of the new. The hair we created reflects that perfectly.

Laid back and effortless—but with great style. Melbourne embodies this attitude. It's a city full of artists and creatives, and you'll find some of the best street art here. The pan-Asian influence also makes Melbourne a uniquely diverse city.
Melbourne is a magnet for different cultures. We used different textures, but kept that underlying ‘I’m just a cool person’ feeling.

San Francisco really is the birthplace of unique style. It's not just hippies, but it's also one of the best-known American cities for celebrating diversity of all kinds—and this is exactly what draws us to the city. Ranked by Cannes Lions as one of the most creative cities of 2016, we love its combination of creativity and diversity. We play on the idea of the older established creatives with the influx of younger, new creatives moving into the city—and the relationships they have.
San Francisco is a city that moves forward in a very underground way. Our San Francisco looks highlight the age diversity of the city. 

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