eveline's highstyle look


Cleanse the hair with ADDVOLUME Shampoo, apply ADDVOLUME Styling Foam to towel dried hair to give up to 70% more volume.
Once dry apply HAIRPLAY Playable Texture to build natural texture with a lasting pliable finish.

Addvolume Shampoo

What’s in it?

addvolume styling foam

What’s in it?

hairplay playable texture

What’s in it?

eveline's streetstyle look


Start with TAMEFRIZZ Style Primer to deeply nourish and smoothen unruly, frizzy hair for easy style-ability.
Apply THERMASHAPE Hot Flex Spray to towel-dried hair to prep the hair for heat styling.  Blow dry the hair until 80% dry then
set the hair with rollers.  Place a hairnet over the rollers and gently diffuse, then allow to cool and set.
Brush out with a dressing out brush and finish the look with HAIRSTAY Working Hairspray for a touchable, moveable

tamefrizz style primer

What’s in it?

thermashape hot flex spray

What’s in it?

hairstay working hairspray

What’s in it?

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