tony's highstyle look


Apply MOISTREPAIR Anti-Breakage Spray to towel dried hair to condition, de-tangle and reduce breakage.
Dry the hair with your hands, then apply HAIRPLAY Molding Paste to dry hair to provide texture with a
pliable hold. 
Apply a generous amount of HAIRPLAY Dry Wax to dry hair to create that perfect undone finish.    

MOISTREPAIR anti-breakage spray

What’s in it?

hairplay molding paste

What’s in it?

hairplay dry wax

What’s in it?

tony's streetstyle look


Start with MOISTREPAIR Style Primer to rebalance moisture level and improve elasticity for easy style-ability.
Apply HAIRPLAY Sea Salt Spray to towel-dried hair to create that just-out-of-the-ocean texture. 
Gently dry the hair with your hands then apply HAIRSTAY Hard Wax to give a natural looking texture with moveable hold. 

moistrepair style primer

What’s in it?

hairplay sea salt spray

What’s in it?

hairstay hard wax

What’s in it?

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