yassine's highstyle look


Cleanse the hair with MOISTREPAIR shampoo. 
Apply generous amount of HAIRPLAY Make-over spray to dry hair to add texture.
Apply desired amount of HAIRSTAY Molding Pomade to dry hair to give great shine with a strong but moveable hold.


What’s in it?

hairplay makeover spray

What’s in it?

HAIRSTAY Molding pomade

What’s in it?

yassine's streetstyle look


Apply TAMEFRIZZ Curl Leave-In Conditioner to towel dried hair to detangle and reduce frizz.
Apply a generous amount CURLUP Perfecting Lotion to define the curl and provide frizz control & humidity resistance for up to 72 hours.
Diffuse the hair without touching it too much, then apply TAMEFRIZZ De-Frizz Oil to dry hair to smooth the surface of the hair and control fly-aways.

Tamefrizz curl leave-in conditioner

What’s in it?

curlup perfectin lotion

What’s in it?

tamefrizz de-frizz oil

What’s in it?

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