bluebell's highstyle look


Cleanse the hair with TAMEFRIZZ shampoo, emulsify in your hands and apply a small amount of ADDVOLUME Texture Creme to towel-dried through the mid-lengths and ends.
Wrap dry all the hair back away from the face except the fringe which should be dried on a side to side motion.
Brush all the hair back into a ponytail. Apply HAIRSTAY Firm Finishing Hairspray to dry hair, for a strong hold without any stickiness. 

tamefrizz shampoo

What’s in it?

addvolume texture creme

What’s in it?

hairstay firm finishing hairspray

What’s in it?

bluebell's streetstyle look


Cleanse the hair with MOISTREPAIR shampoo, apply desired amount of ADDVOLUME Liquid Dust to towel-dried hair to give volume especially at the roots.  Blow-Dry with a large round brush.
Once dry, use the flat irons through the fringe area.  Apply HAIRSTAY Anti-Humidity Seal to add shine and protect the hair from humidity.

moistrepair shampoo

What’s in it?

addvolume LIquid dust

What’s in it?

hairstay anti-humidity Seal

What’s in it?

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