APRIL 2018

After London and Amsterdam we’re checking out the dynamic and effortlessly cool city of Melbourne – a city that is famous for its multi-culturalism, great food and most of all diverse people with a great sense of fashion.

But who knows the city better than an insider? Find out how Carissa Smart - born and bred in Melbourne - perceives the city and why she loves it!

What do you do for a living?
I have a passion for styling and design. I get to be a graphic designer/photographer for my own business, “Design By Aikonik”. I’m super passionate about fashion, beauty, lifestyles and current trends. And I have a love for all things travel.  Influencer and Content Creator “Design By Aikonik” is dedicated to bringing daily inspiration with a focus on flat lays and photography.

What do you love about Melbourne?
I love the diversity of Melbourne – it is a city where really anything goes! We are known to be a very fashionable city, although renowned for wearing all black.

Please describe your personal style. Is this what you would consider as typical “Melbourne Street Style”?
Having lived in Melbourne my entire life, I feel as though I am the epitome of Melbourne style. Known for wearing a monochromatic color palette, mixing high street and designer, all whilst dressing for the unsteady weather. Melbourne style is about celebrating individuality and the variations of the monochromatic scene are inevitable. For me, a typical “go to” outfit doesn’t need much more than  a good pair of jeans, a simple black or white tee, boots, a black jacket and a designer bag - in black of course!

What is a day in this city like?
Melbourne wakes up early to the sound of “dinging” trams. Melbournians make their morning hustle to work, always with a coffee in hand. Whenever working life and food have a chance to meet, you will find crowded cafes all around the city with people on brunch meetings in full swing. Lunchtime is about escaping the office and hitting the shops or having lunch in the sun with your co-workers (if Melbourne’s four seasons in a day is kind to you). During weekdays, Melbourne will tend to shut down at night, but on the weekends, the city never sleeps:  there are festivals, theatre, sporting events, shopping and the food scene, all in strong demand.  

What are favorite district/spots from locals for shopping, going out, having dinner?
Melbourne is well known for its cafes, bars and restaurants and it’s just a matter of finding all the hidden treasures. With an abundance of brunch spots in Camberwell, seriously good restaurants in Flinders Lane and for the ultimate Italian experience, Lygon Street. Well known for its endless supply of shopping, Melbourne city has amazing department stores and both Chapel and High Street are packed with talented Australian designers. We can never get enough of fashion! For a night out there are endless options, from theatres, concerts and sporting events, or a quick getaway from the city to nearby St Kilda or Port Melbourne beach. Or you just keep it local and head to Southbank along the Yarra river for endless trending restaurants, many with the perfect city view of Melbourne.

Any hidden treasure spots?
Cafes in Hardware Lane and Degraves St are tucked away in more secluded areas and offer great menus!

Want to know more about Carissa?  – follow her on Instagram @designbyaikonik

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