We proudly look back at 45 years of researching and manufacturing some of the finest hair care products in the world. Our founders‘ vision was to fuse innovative technologies with the best that nature has to offer – creating high-performing products for every hair type. KMS has always focused on environmentally friendly products and transparency on how products work. This philosophy remains at the heart of our brand and will further guide our future commitment.



We source responsibly by only using high-quality raw materials. These should not just prove highly effective in our formulas, but should also address the growing demand of sustainability aspects regarding how they have been processed for production, as well as their (bio-)degradability after use.



We are mindful of the valuable water resources our planet has to offer. That is why we don‘t just reduce water content in our formulas, but also think about new product regimens and ways to use our products. This enables our consumers to save water as well. Further, we carefully choose ingredients in our rinse-out products with the aim to decrease water pollution.



We follow a minimalistic and sustainable packaging material approach. We continuously work on reducing the overall amount of packaging material, on using more recycled components, and on the recyclability of our bottles. Guaranteeing the safety of our products, always.



We want to set an example for product & ingredient transparency. For KMS, „what‘s inside the bottle“ has always been key. That is why we ensure full ingredient declaration of the formula and explain what each ingredient actually does on the hair. Only that way, we can be fully transparent with our community. 

We strive to have an ever positive impact on our community and the environment they live in – all while designing superior haircare and styling products that support people in expressing their individuality every day.


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