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KMS is intent on creating products of highest efficacy for all hair types & textures that have a low impact on the environment – Try our KMS Hero Products for START. STYLE. and FINISH., from straight to coily hair.

climate neutrality

It Isn't good if it doesn't do good

All KMS products are climate neutral*. For more information on the supported climate protection, click below.
*Often also called ‘carbon neutral’, describing the reduction and compensation of carbon emissions to zero, but scientifically ‘climate neutral’ refers to all greenhouse gases, not only carbon dioxide. Excluding travel & sample sizes. 



Saving the world comes in many shapes and sizes. With uncertainty ruling the world, one thing remains clear. The fact that we are conscious about what we want in life. And a conscious lifestyle requires conscious choices.
Discover your new conscious choice: KMS CONSCIOUSSTYLE – high performing products with a minimum number of ingredients.

KMS Consciousstyle

Experience it
for yourself

Two stylists working on hair on-stage

kao salon GLOBAL experience
24-25 September 2023

Chicago is famous for its soaring architecture, iconic museums, and miles of gorgeous lakefront all set to the beat of the world's best jazz and blues music.
That's the captivating backdrop for Kao Salon Global Experience 2023!

our commitment 


kms is commited to sustainability

We care about what goes into our products and onto your hair. We’re so serious about it that we even made it official with a commitment.

same but solid

Are you ready to GO SOLID? Try KMS’ NEW solid shampoo bars now available in MOISTREPAIR, ADDVOLUME and HEADREMEDY. Delivering the same performance, but with a smaller impact on our environment – SAME BUT SOLID.

KMS goes solid– new products shampoo


All hair welcome. We at KMS embrace all hair types & textures.
You do you and we are here for that - share your look with the KMS community & tag your image with #KMSHAIR #ALLABOUTHAIR.

the kms style community


a global network of stylists


kms salons

Salon Finder Teaser

Are you always on the search for new styles? 
Try out a new trend with your nearest KMS salon. A KMS stylist will make sure your hair style meets your individual creative needs and lifestyle.

transparency matters


High-end ingredients have always been the key to next-level technology and product performance. This is why we choose to deliver transparency with respect to our product ingredient list and reveal what’s inside!

what's new

We are pleased to introduce the Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative, a framework for our continuing programs and activities solely focused on helping salons recover and rebuild as they emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.
The initiative provides industry professionals with tangible, localized resources including business and educational support to ensure their businesses are not only restored, but thriving in the months ahead.
Our priority during this crisis has been to galvanize our efforts around the full and complete recovery of the industry as a whole, with special focus on every one of our partners and stylists.
We look forward to continuing to bring these programs to you in the upcoming weeks via our social media platforms, apps and your local sales and education team.

KMS – Model Nejilka

you matter to kao


To all of our salons and stylists,
we know that times are hard and uncertain for you,
but your Kao Salon Family is here for you.

Together, we will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever!

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