KMS makes a more conscious choice in your haircare routine easy – without compromising on product performance with CONSCIOUSSTYLE. It’s a compact assortment of four essential products from START to FINISH developed with few but high performing ingredients with a minimum impact on the planet – used in the most effective way to create pure, individual hairstyles. ALWAYS CONSCIOUS. NEVER PRETENDING.

CONSCIOUSSTYLE is backed by the innovative TRIfinity technology, which was developed to complement START. STYLE. FINISH. in every style you create. In addition, all products feature a highly effective combination of carefully picked, natural Moringa Seed Oil and Oat Oil – known for being full of antioxidants & protect against environmental pollutants. The gentle formulas are perfect for every-day usage.

KMS Consciousstyle

KMS ingredient glossary


Keen to learn more about what’s inside? The KMS ingredient glossary provides transparent information and education about the ingredients we use in our products.


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