In 1976, Dick Kornfield, Jamey Mazzotta and Gary Smith founded KMS, in Redding, California. With Mazzotta as a biochemist, he was not only passionate about simply mixing innovative ingredients together, but just as much about investigating the ingredients’ particular impact on and inside of the hair under his microscope – providing valuable and leading-edge transparency about how their products really worked. This advantage made the young brand develop into a pioneer in professional haircare, always supported by groundbreaking research and formulated with only the finest ingredients.

Up to this day, we have remained true to our founders’ vision. We continue to research the finest ingredients to create superior and high performing haircare products. Why? Because formulas not only matter to us, but also to our KMS community around the globe.
This is why we choose to deliver transparency with respect to our product ingredient list and reveal what’s inside!




Keen to learn more about what’s inside? The KMS ingredient glossary provides transparent information and education about the ingredients we use in our products.

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