Think grooming products are just for men? Then you have to try our three newest FINISH products. They’re grooming products with a twist: each one has an unexpected hybrid benefit – and they’re perfect for any hair type or length…no matter what gender you are.
Traditional styling is a thing of the past. This season, it’s all about getting the most out of your products – whether it’s matte, shiny, groomed or lived-in, these products let you create the FINISH that works for your style.
Looking for a matte finish with a dry touch, but still want to be able to mold and shape your hair? HAIRPLAY Hybrid Claywax dries like a clay, but molds like a wax. It’s great for that next-day look.
     - On short hair: put a little bit on your palms and emulsify. Work through your hair to add fullness and grip.
You can rework it throughout the day – or change your style from day to night.
    - On long hair: put a little bit on your palms and emulsify. Massage it into the midlengths and ends, breaking
it up and working it into your hair (you can use it on damp or dry hair!). Finish with a blow dryer for a textured, voluminous style.
Want a shiny, polished look?
HAIRSTAY Molding Pomade dries with a non-greasy, shiny finish. It’s perfect for sleek styles or casual street styles with maximum flexibility and strong hold.
    - On straight hair: put a little bit on your palms and emulsify. Apply it evenly on damp hair, and comb through for a sleek look.
    - On curly hair: put a little bit on your palms and emulsify. Work it through your curls, scrunching and twisting each curl around your finger. You’ll get accentuated, shiny curls with hold that lasts.
Do you use a wax, but hate how greasy it feels on your hair?
Try HAIRSTAY Hard Wax. It’s more than just a wax: it lets you restyle your look throughout the day, and dries looking natural - without the typical greasy hair feel of a classic wax.
    - For a groomed look: put a little bit on your palms and emulsify. Comb it evenly through dry hair for a medium-shine, dry finish that lasts.
    - For a messy look:  put a little bit on your palms and emulsify. Work it through damp hair while using a blow dryer and brush. Your finish will be pliable and textured, that you can play with through the day.
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We were inspired by the emerging street and runway looks embracing androgyny, as seen in London.

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