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Introducing the new collection for 2019, inspired by the melting pot of cultures around the world – from their diversity to their creative expression. 
Style is the visual language which comes to life in our collection with
KMS professional, trend-inspired hair products.

why does style matter?


intuitive, simple, high-performing


Our products, organized intuitively into START. STYLE.
FINISH. are influenced by the style we see, with input
from our community, and performance delivered by
TRIfinity Technology. Itʼs how we create. How we relate.
Because style unifies us.


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global style magazine

Check out the KMS Style Magazine to discover new seasonal hair trends, KMS Fashion Weeks, styling how-tos, plus new tips and tricks 

kms hair salons

Are you always on the search for new styles? 
Try out a new trend with your nearest KMS salon. A KMS stylist will make sure your hair style meets your individual creative needs and lifestyle.
Because style matters.

for stylists

OUR STYLE COMMUNITY is the heart of our brand.
Being part of the KMS Community opens the door to making connections with other global stylists, and provides a platform to inspire and be inspired…

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